The Brewery

A NYS Farm Brewery is a local brewery that uses fresh quality "locally" sourced NYS Grains and Hops. We like to think local drink local. WAORGANY Brewing is also considered a 'nano' brewery. Which is we do great things on a small scale. We brew all of our fresh quality and local beers on a very small brew house. We brew on a all electric 3 barrel (BBL) Brew System. A barrel of beer is 31 gallons, so we are brewing 3 BBL's or 93 gallons a batch. We use NYS sourced grains and hops, that allow us to produce the freshest local beers available. By brewing on a nano scale we have the ability to constantly change up the beers that we offer. We will always try to have several of our flagship beers on tap along with various other seasonal beers that will continuously be changing to allow our local craft beer lovers the ability to always have a unique experience when visiting our tap room. We currently use six jacketed fermenting vessels (FVs) and one bright tank for carbonating our beers. All of these tanks are 3 BBL's in size. We currently keg all of our beers and serve the freshest beers available via our draft system. We source much of our grains and hops from local farmers truly embracing the farm to glass concept. We are currently brewing two batches a week which should allow us to produce approximately 300 BBL's a year. Once we begin to grow and our demand determines that we need to produce more fresh quality craft beer we have the ability to double our production on our current system and setup. We will always try to provide out customers with the beers that you like and want. If there is a special brew that you like and you don't see it on our tap list just ask us and we will see if we can make a batch and bring it into our rotational offerings. It is our goal to have four flagship beers on tap at all times, and six 'seasonal' choices that rotate, so to always have something new and unique available on tap. Please see our whats on tap page to find a list of our newest offerings.